A new generation !

Dobet has spirit and passion, a powerful vital energy that is both vibrant and impatient but that is also full of charm and introspection...

'Na Drê' - from Dobet Gnahoré's new album

Dobet Gnahoré @ Lantaren Venster - Rotterdam NL

Dobet Gnahore, soon in Brussesl to present her new album

… on 15 FEBRUARY, with, as opening act , the magician of the our , Driss El Maloumi in trio. An mazing evening for the 20th birthday of Contre-Jour, management agency Centre Culturel d'Auderghem
info : www.cc-auderghem.be www.ticketnet.be

"Na Drê" ' new album of Dobet Gnahore !

Dobet Gnahore comme back with her new album "NA DRE" made with the complicity of her great musicians Colin Laroche de Feline (guitar) , Clive Govinden(bass) & Boris Tchango (drums). 2 tracks have been composed with Lokua Kanza and Paco Sery. This album will be presented on stage from Mid February.


Forgive my bad faith
Forgive my distance
Nonetheless I love you
But I do not know how to love
Forgive me for the lost time
You waited and hoped
Forgive my ignorance
Forgive me my denial
Forgive me my silence
To you who loved me
Forgive my anger
You have the right to forget me
But forgive me

Video Mouzigue (Street children)

Mouzigue (Street Children)
Under the sun, a burdon on the head
In the plantations or markets
On the road between the cars
Risking their lives for a few pennies
The children work hard
To support their families
School, too expensive for their parents,
Has closed its doors to them
Street children
A life from day tot day
Instead of a life of children

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